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What to Do if You Have a Water Leak in London

Imagine that you wake up in the morning to get ready to go to work and notice that the floor of your bathroom is wet and has come into your room. A water leak from the pipe supplying water to your bidet has caused water to collect on the floor all night. Now if that isn’t a hassle to wake up to, we don’t know what is. You’re having to spend most of your morning having to deal with the situation. If you ever ask yourself, what to do if you have a water leak? then you are on the right page. Thought about calling Plumber Wimbledon to book a plumber? If you live in the vicinity, then that’s a good idea. You can easily get down to one of our plumbing experts to help you with your problem.

Is a Leak an Emergency?

So, if you are struggling to find an answer to the question is a leak an emergency? then know that not all water leaks are emergencies. However, if you notice some signs of a serious leakage, then calling an emergency plumber and getting a leak detection done is the right thing to do. Water leaks could be terrible at one point. Some leaks go unnoticed. That means you cannot notice the issue until it has done huge damage to your home.

Moreover, leaking water could be also a fire hazard which means it could reach electrical wiring networks in your walls. This could be serious and is a life risk. Also, you are likely to end up with huge bills if you have to fix your wiring at some point, later on. This is why a water leak could be an emergency. You will come to know if it needs immediate attention in case you find some signs of serious leaking.

How Do You Stop Water Leaks Immediately?

Firstly, make sure that you switch off the water supply immediately from the source. As mentioned earlier, you could do this from the main water supply that is provided to all the homes in your neighbourhood. Once you do it, no water will be unnecessarily wasted. Sometimes, if a leak occurs from a burst pipe for example, you might have to end up getting wet if you attempt to stop the leak. This is where contacting our Plumber Wimbledon staff would be the ideal thing to do.

What Happens if I Have a Water Leak?

Now, if you think to yourself – what happens if I have a water leak? Basically, a water leak is a chaotic experience and would only end up creating extensive damage to your home. So, if you want to minimise any such issues, then you need to prepare yourself. Before you call a plumber, your first concern would be to turn off the water supply to your home. You can do it by locating the stopcock and turning it clockwise. If you cannot determine whether the leak is coming from your heating system, then it is necessary to turn off the water supply to it. You can do it by locating the shut-off valve next to your boiler. Eventually, calling a plumber to help fix any loose ends is definitely ideal. Plumber Wimbledon also focuses on other types of issues such as sorting out shower repair and blocked drains.

Is a Bathroom Leak an Emergency?

A bathroom leak can happen in many places. It could come from your toilet; a leak can occur due to high water pressure experienced through your bidet. At the same time, it can also happen via a leak in your tap. So, what to do if you have a water leak? Do you ask? Try and detect where it is coming from. To consider whether the leak in your bathroom would be an emergency or not would depend on the gravity of the situation. However, one thing is clear. If you see that there is something that could do with a fix, then the best thing is to get assistance. This way, you will be able to prevent any further damages from escalating.

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