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Plumber Wimbledon FAQs

Plumber Wimbledon FAQs

Q? How soon do I have to pay for the service?

A Normally we expect customers to pay shortly after the service completion. B2B customers can request the invoice with payment delayed for up to two weeks after the service completion. Continue reading on Plumber Wimbledon FAQs page and find a fine solution for your problem.

Q? What forms of payment do you accept?

A For jobs lasting no more than 5 hours we accept cash payment. For more serious jobs lasting more than one day we accept payments by card or bank transfers.

Q? Do I have to supply you with spare parts and tools for the job?

A No. We supply all the necessary for the job parts and have all the tools to complete the job. So, we might however ask you to pay us the deposit before we purchase parts.

Q? How many plumbers should I expect to visit my home to fix my plumbing problem?

A For leak detection and shower repairs we normally dispatch one of our plumbers in Local Plumbing Wimbledon Company. For more serious jobs, such as central heating repairs and unblocking seriously blocked drains we come in teams.

Q? Is your work insured?

A Yes we are fully insured for the work we do. If as a result of our negligence your property is damaged, we will compensate your loss.

Q? Are your plumbers trained in the UK?

A Our plumbers are trained in Poland and qualified in the UK. So, we are licensed as plumbers in the UK.

Q? How much do you charge to unblock my toilet or to fix my shower?

A The price of our service depends on the time we spend on fixing the problem. So, it usually takes 2 hours to repair showers and 1 hour to unblock the toilet. There were occasions however that the blockage was so serious that we had to work two days to fix the problem.

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