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Plumber Wimbledon, 106 Graham Rd Wimbledon, London SW19 3SP


Main Services


If you have an unpleasant odour in your home and think it may be a blocked drain. So, contact your Plumber Wimbledon services providing team before a small blockage turns into a costly and embarrassing one. Also unnoticed blockages can over time cause unhealthy dampness within your walls that you’re not even aware of. Our friendly, committed team is experienced in dealing with every kind of drainage problem, small or large, including surveys and maintenance. Just a phone call away, we welcome any questions you have regarding your drainage system.



Our team from Wimbledon Plumbers is available 24/7 for any type of boiler emergency or problem. So, contact us to ensure your boiler is running effectively, we’ve repaired gas and electric systems for all models and makes. Maintaining your boiler prevents and controls corrosion build-up that adds strain to working parts. Especially, our team is fully qualified in handling emergencies, services and repair work including replacements and new installations. All work is guaranteed and our electricians are NICEIC certified.



If your shower’s lacking heat or the pressure you’re accustomed to, contact Plumber Wimbledon services providing experts for assistance. It could be a slow leak or just a component that needs replacing and with our experience won’t take long to remedy the problem. We repair all types of problems related to domestic and industrial showers. Also when replacing or installing, provide our customers with a good range of brands to choose from, always taking in account cost and affordability.


Other Services


Use your locally based plumber for any issues with your plumbing or central heating system and especially for emergencies. Knowing the streets and area, Plumber Wimbledon services providing team will arrive fast, quickly identify and repair the problem. Our team of qualified electricians and plumbers have more than 15 years experience working with all types of systems and sourcing the right spares. Using us, your local plumbers, gives you added peace of mind knowing we provide professional advice with an efficient and friendly service handled with expertise and dedication.



During the winter months you want your central heating system to be working properly, but should things go wrong, Wimbledon Plumbers easily relate to the urgency of your situation. Our team of central heating experts has worked on all types of gas and electric systems, repaired countless faults, replaced necessary worn-out parts and handled new installations. For new installations we ascertain your needs, match up systems and discuss the differences with you. So, call us, we’re the experts and here to assist you with any heating issues or advice required.



Finding the smallest gas or water leak can sometimes take the longest time. But with our team of experienced plumbers and the right equipment, finding leaks is their greatest challenge. Undetected leaks are treated with urgency to prevent costly disasters and we find them quickly whether they’re in internal, external, under the floor or in the ceiling. So, the team from Wimbledon Plumbers is dedicated and professional, always ensuring customers are totally satisfied and happy with work carried out.



When your radiator becomes clogged with sludge build-up it doesn’t work efficiently, you feel it with less warmth in your home. Our team is highly knowledgeable in radiators and remedying problems with cost-effective solutions. Therefore, call us with any concerns you have regarding your radiator, it may just require a check-up, a power-flush or a new part. If considering purchasing a new one, we’ll advise you on numerous ranges, suitable to your needs at affordable prices, so call now for professional advice from Wembley Plumbers.


Plumber Wimbledon Services


In fact, Plumber Wimbledon services providing team of dedicated and experienced professionals is always on hand for an emergency situation. Also they know the proper way of remedying the problem efficiently, preventing additional damage to your home. We’re available to be of service to you in an emergency or a booked house-call. Especially, our foremost priority is our reputation for service excellence. So, we achieve it by providing our valued customers with the highest standard of workmanship that’s handled by a dedicated team with years of experience and friendly attitudes. Therefore, they ensure they leave behind happy, satisfied customers who now have trust and confidence in Local Plumbing Company Wimbledon.

Experts in Plumbing Field

Especially, years of experience in the plumbing trade allows us find parts and spares at the lowest prices. Also in the quickest time. For repairs and installations we look at all scenarios to keep costs low and still provide exactly what our customer needs.

Accordingly, we maintain our excellent reputation with positive ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising from our satisfied customers, right from their first phone call to our team’s completion of the job at an affordable rate. Especially, our daily aim is to provide the best plumbing service in Wimbledon. Why should Wimbledon Plumbers be your first choice?

  • We’re located right in your area.
  • We provide the lowest rates with a service that’s friendly and accommodating.
  • Our team is reliable, professional and full competent in resolving any plumbing issue.
  • We provide a high standard of workmanship, imperative to maintaining our reputationfor an excellent service.
  • We’re happy to give you advice and if requested, a non obligatory quote.
  • We’re contactable by phone or email to set up a meeting suitable to your schedule.
  • Locally based, we know the streets and reach you faster than companies would from other areas.
  • Blocked Toilet Repair